volunteer for queen bee 2018


Queen Bee is organised by just 3 people & there is only so much that 3 people can do, so we are asking for volunteers to help us run the event on the night! 

The more people we have behind the scenes & selling raffle tickets / collecting votes (donations) the more we maximize opportunities to raise money for the charity causes.

Here is an overview of what some of the volunteer duties involve at Queen Bee:


  • Briefing on arrival including health & safety information

  • Venue set up - technical & dressing

  • Briefing on vote & raffle sales procedure

  • Designated core roles for the night to be decided

  • Show briefing on show runner duties

  • Liaise show team - meet & greet all persons involved in the show

  • Meet & greet VIP’s (Sponsors & special guests)

  • Ticket checks on the door - electronic/paper and working from a guest list

  • Manning vote/raffle kiosks at all times

  • Making rounds in the audience to collect votes/sell raffle tickets

  • Ensuring contestants, special guests and show host are ok

  • Communicating any issues of concern to to the organizers or hotel staff

  • Ensuring contestants/singers are in place ready - according to the running order

  • Ensuring contestants are all rounded up ready for voting & results period

  • Assisting with the counting/witness of votes to establish the winner (time critical)

  • Assisting with the counting/witness of money to establish a charity total (time critical)


Some of the volunteer roles will involve helping us set up the room and lift equipment so with that in mind - if you do have a disability or physical  impairment please make us aware so that we do not give you an unsuitable role.

If you have a particular interest in a specific duty/role from the above list or are skilled in a particular area please let us know so we can consider allocating this to you.

So we can plan the event around our volunteer numbers we need to know the following can be met;


  • That you are aged 18 or over

  • You are available on December 3rd between the hours of 4pm & 11pm

  • You can travel to Leeds and back home at your own expense and arrangement

  • You provide your own sustenance

  • You are willing and able to perform any of the roles listed above and understand this is on a voluntary basis


volunteer application

If you would like to volunteer for Queen Bee 2018 please complete the below application. We will get back to you later this year when we are putting the show together!

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