Queen Bee 2019


Hello and welcome to the application for the Queen Bee 2019 competition. This years competition will take place on Monday 2nd December at The Queens Hotel in Leeds, if you are offered a performance place in the competition you will need to be available between 6pm and 11.30pm on this date for the entire duration. In the run up to the event you will also need to be contactable daily so that we can ensure you are ready for the show and we have everything we need to make your performance a success!

We have changed the selection process for this years competition in light of the number of applications we now receive, drawing names at random was no longer fair or suitable so we have introduced selection heats. This will increase the chance for Queen Bee hopefuls of making it to the event night and also help us make the show as diverse as possible. With that in mind, you will need to attend a selection heat in order to be considered - you can find out more details via the link below.

Before you complete your application for Queen Bee please ensure you take the time to find out more about why the event was started by looking over all areas of our website, Queen Bee is a fantastic and fun event to get involved with that has given many talented individuals the chance to showcase themselves to a large audience! At the same time we bring our community together and raise money for 2 worthy causes that also give back to the community.

For information on the selection heat process & conditions of entry - please CLICK HERE

There is no restriction on contestants who have previously completed an application or performed at Queen Bee at past events, you are welcome to enter the competition again!

Completion of this application is to be considered for the selection heats only at this stage and depending on demand we may need to limit the number of places we can offer so please give us as much information as you can.

A statement on the General Data Protection Regulation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please complete all sections of the application form below, from all of us at Queen Bee - thank you for supporting Queen Bee 2019 and we wish you the best of luck.

Full Name *
Full Name
Not the name of your act
If you have a Facebook profile please enter the name or profile link here - we use Facebook to communicate with contestants and it is also useful for sourcing any pictures you may want us to use.
We may use your contact number to speak with you during the selection process and run up to the show if you are successful. It is not mandatory to provide this information at this stage.
If you have a name for your act or persona please enter it here.
Act Category *
Which category does your act fall under, if you are unsure or select other - please give more details in the comments section
Can we view any pictures or video of you in character or performing? You may also wish to record a short intro for us to watch and you can tell us more about your act - if so please enter the links to any content below or send an email to us with them included - info@queenbeeleeds.co.uk
Please use this area to make any additional comments or give us more information if you wish to expand on any of the above sections. You can also let us know if you require any assistance, facility information or special adaption where possible owing to a disability. If you have any questions you can also use this space and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
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You must be 18 or older to enter this competition
Terms of Application *
Please ensure you have read the terms of entry and understand how the Queen Bee selection process will work this year. This information is available via the link on this page or 'Enter Queen Bee' section of the website.


Queen Bee is a non commercial entity - we are a community led charity event. The personal information we collect from you is to assist with the production of our event and to record contact details in order to keep in touch with you. The personal information we collect from you is securely held at all times and only accessed by persons who are involved with the event production - we NEVER circulate contact details to a third party without prior consent and your details are only stored digitally.

Email communication is executed on an individual basis as a rule and if a group email is used - the recipients will be BCC’d (Blind Carbon Copied).

Our data storage and email system is provided by GOOGLE - in the event of a breach of security in which GOOGLE notify us that personal information may have been compromised, we will inform you and refer you to GOOGLE for assistance.

We may use your image, name or other media to promote you and the event via our website and social media platforms - please notify us at once if you do not consent to this.